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Robert Ashley

So long Robert Ashley. You remain a major influence. Below I’ve posted String Quartet Describing The Motions Of Large Real Bodies  for an electronic orchestra of 42 sound producing modules, this version was recorded using only seven sound producing modules. Recorded at … Continue reading

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Grandpa Simpson’s Grumpy Vinyl Editorial

Stop it! Please quit pressing everything on 180g vinyl. The only thing it’s good for is heat protection. There is no improvement as far as fidelity is concerned. All these labels are doing is driving up the price of their product, … Continue reading

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Yek Koo – Desolation Peak (Emerald Cocoon)

Helga Fassonaki’s output as a member of Metal Rouge and as a soloist under the moniker Yek Koo (or yek koo, caps dropped, bold mine) has never been easy to pigeonhole because, in both instances, there has been an ongoing … Continue reading

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Shaken Then Cut – I Don’t Think That’s How Bond Ordered Them

This is what happens to a post when things get shaken. Noted before that the earthquake in Italy served a greater purpose for me. Anytime things get shaken up and nobody is seriously injured, there’s a great case to make … Continue reading

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Selected Pieces: Retrospective

The following pieces are a few interviews and features I’ve done elsewhere. I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of my work here for DECAYKE, my own webzine, giving them an appropriate home. There are some … Continue reading

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Interview With Erik “Eski” Scott

This interview appeared elsewhere without my permission after a long, unnecessary battle with a couple of entitled kids whose brief success was built on the backs of writers who knew far more about music than they ever did. I thought … Continue reading

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Who Cares How Long You Sink – Folk Forms Evaporate Big Sky

Before getting into this review, I want my readers to know that I will never put some form of grade system on it, whether they’re an ostensible joke or not. So, in the case of Foxy Digitalis or Pitchfork, you … Continue reading

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“Watch Your Asses, People!” – Eddie Flowers of The Gizmos/Crawlspace

This interview with my pal and, in a way, my mentor Eddie Flowers first appeared in Perfect Sound Forever. ‘Watch Your Asses, People!’ Interview by Kelly Burnette Since the early ’70’s, Eddie Flowers has been involved in rock in one … Continue reading

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This article was highly misunderstood. It was written partly as homage to the style often seen in Forced Exposure in the late 80’s, as well as some of the liner notes or other articles written about TLASILA. It was parody, … Continue reading

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Review – For Flowers by Joëlle Léandre / Mat Maneri / Christophe Marguet / Joel Ryan

By Kelly Burnette In Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou’s stunning 1996 film Microcosmos, the viewer is transported into a sublime space-time continuum thanks to the precision and patience of the filmmaking. All of that exotic natural minutiae typically trampled underfoot … Continue reading

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