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Robert Ashley

So long Robert Ashley. You remain a major influence. Below I’ve posted String Quartet Describing The Motions Of Large Real Bodies  for an electronic orchestra of 42 sound producing modules, this version was recorded using only seven sound producing modules. Recorded at … Continue reading

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Dror Feiler and the Eternal Return of the Irreal

This was first published at Perfect Sound Forever. Dror Feiler and the Eternal Return of the Irreal “As a new dimension and complement to the orderly dialectics of classical Marxism it uses the theory of complexity: a method of complications … Continue reading

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Eggs, Eggs – Make Yourself (and some info for ya)

Well, due to a bounced check from my client and a nasty bulging disc, we’re running a little late, but who cares? We got our own time around here anyway. But just to keep you busy while we finish up … Continue reading

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