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Decayke 2: Guts and Stuff, or Contents

This is the second official issue of newly appellated DECAYKE, come over from its afore, long-winded, name (name) ((name)) (((n-a-m-e))) that was thunk in a Ajax blizzard across Texas, dead of night, middle of the fifth season under the tenth … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on “The Weird” Anthology

I’m a fan of the antho called “The Weird.” In fact, I think it’s a wonderful collection of stories featuring an impressive array of authors. But here’s what I don’t like: trying to pass off such a disparate collection of … Continue reading

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James DC’s “Atomic Bark” on Resonance FM with Pat Cadigan and John Shirley

Atomic Bark is an show on Resonance FM featuring subjects concerns aligned with those here at DYWWOS: science fiction, psychedelics, genre destruction (whatever medium it might be) and so on. It’s hosted by a feller goes by the name of … Continue reading

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Interview with Bram Stoker Award-winning author John Shirley

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an interview with John at his site. My interview with Shirley will focus on broader sociopolitical and economic questions similar to the ones you’ll find at the link above, … Continue reading

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A Glance At Ghosts – Ruminations On Eastwood – The Burp Edit

It came about as my new friend, Mark Lunt (who will be contributing here) claimed that Clint Eastwood’s now (in)famous mutterings on the national stage amounted to The Theater of the Absurd. Of course he was right. But hairs I … Continue reading

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