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O/M – “Peeking Housing Bloc” From 2004 cd-r “Pitaunce” (Disposable Thumb Recordings)

Braving the binary electro-miasma of the past for the coming crimson maw of aromatic pulses, I’ve decided to post this, because underneath the vortex of amputation detritus (duck!), there are rhythms to be plucked. And that I will do. With … Continue reading

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As part of my selected retrospective, the following piece was written as a feature for The Orlando Weekly and published 8/12/2oo4 and dealt with, among other things, the MP3 and new distro channels, primarily for avant garde musicians or, to … Continue reading

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Twegen Tu – The Burst Flayed To Risk

Back in 2003, me and a guy from Birmingham, AL, Shawn Moore, decided to do a little long-distance recording project. For the most part I thought it was pretty good, but over the years and in the process of moving … Continue reading

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Finally, Good News?

Finally some good news has come my way. I have been advanced on my near-finished novel, so as DECAYKE goes, I’ll have to work around it as I finish the book’s ending and work with editors. It’s kind of a … Continue reading

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Headcase’s Mauve Fruit Rivers of Maggots

The fruit vomiting womb made of sulci and gyri, adorned with jewels which, when crushed with the hammer of self-awareness, birth milky mauve rivers of maggots and Gods. We can share them with one another. The uncompressed and therefore much … Continue reading

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