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“Strong Medicine” – Richard Foreman – Full-Length Film

Here is the entire film adaptation of Richard Foreman’s Strong Medicine. The New York Times review claims the film format, in contrast to seeing it in theater, depreciates the value of the work. I haven’t seen the play performed under … Continue reading

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A Blorp’d Ninety-Foot Tall Jello Baby Drunk On Yoyler Dan’s Curiously Gluey Spider Milk – REDUX – Ace Farren Ford Speaks Plainly

Ace Farren Ford‘s impact on the Los Angeles music scene, and later on the world stage, will not be underestimated. Long known to his cohorts that were central to the orbit of Los Angeles Free Music Society, Ace has spread … Continue reading

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An Plastic-Surgical Guide For ‘Growing’ The Most Beautiful Labial Petals On Meatus

The Key For A Healthy, Blossoming Labial-T0-Meatus Graft Is Evil Moisture As Andy Bolus’ friend, Andrew Sharpley, told me, “Andy is not really a noise artist. He is what the french accurately call a ‘plasticien,’ meaning he makes real stuff … Continue reading

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Karl Max, Triskaidekamaniak – This Is How Dreams Work

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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Next Issue of DECAYKE – Decline, Decay, Dilapidation and The New Age Underground Debunked

It looks as if the John Shirley interview I did for DECAYKE #2 (Rosemary Mader came up with a title for it, but I won’t reveal that yet) won’t be out until around April, so that means I’ll probably publish … Continue reading

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Dandy Dust – It’s Been Nearly 15 Years Since

Dust, a cyborg of fluid gender, crash lands on the hermaphroditic planet 3075 and becomes a member of its electro-orgiastic structure. Strange creatures start to haunt -h-: supermother Cyniborg, obsessed with reproducing a corroded clan, father Sir Sidore, a repressed … Continue reading

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A Glance At Ghosts – Ruminations On Eastwood – The Burp Edit

It came about as my new friend, Mark Lunt (who will be contributing here) claimed that Clint Eastwood’s now (in)famous mutterings on the national stage amounted to The Theater of the Absurd. Of course he was right. But hairs I … Continue reading

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