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Yek Koo – Desolation Peak (Emerald Cocoon)

Helga Fassonaki’s output as a member of Metal Rouge and as a soloist under the moniker Yek Koo (or yek koo, caps dropped, bold mine) has never been easy to pigeonhole because, in both instances, there has been an ongoing … Continue reading

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Selected Pieces: Retrospective

The following pieces are a few interviews and features I’ve done elsewhere. I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of my work here for DECAYKE, my own webzine, giving them an appropriate home. There are some … Continue reading

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1 + 1, Baby 2. The Wit of Dan Melchior’s Spiral Staircase

There are several bios you could reference that more or less accurately describe Dan Melchior, but they tend to focus on his past musical output and his association with Billy Childish and the garage rock revivalist scene. Dan’s no slave … Continue reading

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Metal Rouge Teaser: 4 Takeaways From The LP “Soft Erase” – Part 1

Highlights that I’ll discuss more explicitly in Part II of my feature on the latest LP by Metal Rouge, Soft Erase.  Does Metal Rouge rock out? Contrasted to a good portion of their earlier outings of free music/sound in tandem with socially … Continue reading

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Yek Koo and Chalaque on Tour

In honor of the upcoming Helga Fassonaki (Yek Koo) interview and my interview with Nick Mitchell (who is playing in the U.S. as Chalaque) here are the dates, courtesy of Emerald Cocoon Records that you shouldn’t miss. MARCH Fri 15 … Continue reading

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