Grandpa Simpson’s Grumpy Vinyl Editorial

Stop it! Please quit pressing everything on 180g vinyl. The only thing it’s good for is heat protection. There is no improvement as far as fidelity is concerned. All these labels are doing is driving up the price of their product, making it more exclusive, more difficult to attain, especially for those of us on a limited budget. It’s a curious thing to do in these economically sensitive times, to turn one’s label into a boutique for a few people who can afford to spend $100 on maybe four LP’s.

180g Vinyl Is For SUCKERS!

180g Vinyl Is For SUCKERS!

To make matters worse, if you decide to do a limited run or hand-numbered artist’s edition on one of those murdered-out custom hubcaps you call a record, you further divide those who can afford your releases from those who can’t, because chances are, you’re charging more for those, too. So for all the labels out there who think it’s cool to press all your releases on useless 180g vinyl, it ain’t. It’s dumb, because if your customers are going to put their records in the sun, then they probably shouldn’t have them anyway.

Here’s your incentive. The pricier you make your product, the more likely you lose money to downloads. Sure, the people who download that $30 LP aren’t getting their fetishist rocks off, but they’re getting the sound. And Neil Young – who charged $80 when he released Psychedelic Pill (a poor outing, at that) – screw you for doing that. You should be ashamed. 180g vinyl. Pfft.

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