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Selected Pieces: Retrospective

The following pieces are a few interviews and features I’ve done elsewhere. I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of my work here for DECAYKE, my own webzine, giving them an appropriate home. There are some … Continue reading

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Together In The Darkness – Emerald Cocoon’s Alone/Together Series

Emerald Cocoon‘s Alone/Together 7″ Series Shines Record series exist for as many reasons there are labels. Sometimes the reasons are forthright and in your face. Other times they exist purely for commercial promotion, and yet still for others the ties … Continue reading

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Yek Koo and Chalaque on Tour

In honor of the upcoming Helga Fassonaki (Yek Koo) interview and my interview with Nick Mitchell (who is playing in the U.S. as Chalaque) here are the dates, courtesy of Emerald Cocoon Records that you shouldn’t miss. MARCH Fri 15 … Continue reading

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Next Issue of DECAYKE – Decline, Decay, Dilapidation and The New Age Underground Debunked

It looks as if the John Shirley interview I did for DECAYKE #2 (Rosemary Mader came up with a title for it, but I won’t reveal that yet) won’t be out until around April, so that means I’ll probably publish … Continue reading

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