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New Material By Decimus/Pat Murano

If you missed it, you can read the first ever interview with Pat Murano about Decimus right here at DECAYKE.   Pat Murano, working as Decimus, continues to keep the inscrutable cosmic creep on his latest posts at SoundCloud, one of … Continue reading

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Either Turn The Air-Raid Sirens Way Up Or OFF – News or Olds and a Free Decimus Download

Before I get into what is most likely uninteresting to the bulk of people who stumble on this webzine, I’d like to mention that DECIMUS has released a free-for-download LP-length trip into atomization at Mutant Sounds HERE. I haven’t had a chance … Continue reading

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Establishing A False Sense Of Security – Brain Warping With Pat Murano

DY: Let’s start at the present and then work backwards when necessary. Decimus is your latest project, right? Can you tell us about the concept behind it, the Zodiac? Do you think that there’s a direct correlation of the sounds … Continue reading

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Progress Update – First Flood

Just dropping in to let everyone know that the first flood (issue) is about a week or so away. Just to recap, we teep with Rudy Rucker, have a telepathic chat with Pat Murano of Kelippah Records (Decimus K-Salvatore, Key … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Interview With Pat Murano and Nick Mitchell of Golden Lab Recordings

Keep your ears peeled for an upcoming talk with Pat Murano (NNCK, Decimus, Key of Shame, K-Salvatore et al), coming here soon. We lso have an interview with Nick Mitchell of Golden Lab Records and Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura (who … Continue reading

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