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Foggy Notions: Plans Underway For Regensis.

While Decayke itself is pretty much kaput, I do have plans on another project, which will begin with an interview here with San Diego psychedelic cult leader and interstitial whiz kid, Eyeball Jackson. Tentatively, that interview will be the final … Continue reading

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Robert Ashley

So long Robert Ashley. You remain a major influence. Below I’ve posted String Quartet Describing The Motions Of Large Real Bodies  for an electronic orchestra of 42 sound producing modules, this version was recorded using only seven sound producing modules. Recorded at … Continue reading

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Your Editor

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New Material By Decimus/Pat Murano

If you missed it, you can read the first ever interview with Pat Murano about Decimus right here at DECAYKE.   Pat Murano, working as Decimus, continues to keep the inscrutable cosmic creep on his latest posts at SoundCloud, one of … Continue reading

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Marco Zamora – The Mobile Lifestyle of the 21st C.

Two images by artist California artist Marco Zamora that capture the zeitgeist (and a little bit of the DECAYKE aesthetic). See more at the artist’s website, This image is well composed junk, like a two-dimensional junk sculpture replete with pop … Continue reading

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I Am The Life

Really no need for editorial here. I did read – I think it was in Ray Crock’s biography or autobiography – that he used to fly over towns and cities across America and look for available land next to churches … Continue reading

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Grandpa Simpson’s Grumpy Vinyl Editorial

Stop it! Please quit pressing everything on 180g vinyl. The only thing it’s good for is heat protection. There is no improvement as far as fidelity is concerned. All these labels are doing is driving up the price of their product, … Continue reading

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The New Peculiars – Dance Music 2000

Continuing with posts themed around interviews and features (?) in the upcoming issue, I found a blog mention of The New Peculiars which, when you look closely, is a project of The Anti-Naturals Group, aka Idea Fire Company (Scott Foust, Karla … Continue reading

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Preview Series – Scott Foust, (Idea Fire Company et. al.), Mattin, Jesse Richards, William Bennett, Billy Bao

When You Cut Into The Present, The Future Leaks Out “…and then the walls fell away blowing a hole in his consciousness’ coma, leaving him in what was his room on his what was his chair, now levitating above images … Continue reading

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