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Decayke 2: Guts and Stuff, or Contents

This is the second official issue of newly appellated DECAYKE, come over from its afore, long-winded, name (name) ((name)) (((n-a-m-e))) that was thunk in a Ajax blizzard across Texas, dead of night, middle of the fifth season under the tenth … Continue reading

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James DC’s “Atomic Bark” on Resonance FM with Pat Cadigan and John Shirley

Atomic Bark is an show on Resonance FM featuring subjects concerns aligned with those here at DYWWOS: science fiction, psychedelics, genre destruction (whatever medium it might be) and so on. It’s hosted by a feller goes by the name of … Continue reading

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Dandy Dust – It’s Been Nearly 15 Years Since

Dust, a cyborg of fluid gender, crash lands on the hermaphroditic planet 3075 and becomes a member of its electro-orgiastic structure. Strange creatures start to haunt -h-: supermother Cyniborg, obsessed with reproducing a corroded clan, father Sir Sidore, a repressed … Continue reading

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Paul di Filippo Reviews Rudy Rucker’s New Work: Turing & Burroughs: A Beatnik SF Novel

As you may or may not know, we’re elated to be interviewing Rudy Rucker in our upcoming inaugural flood. But we would be remiss if we didn’t point you to Paul di Filippo’s new review  at Locus Online. As usual, … Continue reading

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