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Either Turn The Air-Raid Sirens Way Up Or OFF – News or Olds and a Free Decimus Download

Before I get into what is most likely uninteresting to the bulk of people who stumble on this webzine, I’d like to mention that DECIMUS has released a free-for-download LP-length trip into atomization at Mutant Sounds HERE. I haven’t had a chance … Continue reading

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Next Issue of DECAYKE – Decline, Decay, Dilapidation and The New Age Underground Debunked

It looks as if the John Shirley interview I did for DECAYKE #2 (Rosemary Mader came up with a title for it, but I won’t reveal that yet) won’t be out until around April, so that means I’ll probably publish … Continue reading

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New In Progress A & Z Sound

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Recent News On John Shirley Interview

Couple of really quick things. The John Shirley interview is being migrated over to Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds website. There it will be offered for free. We’ve decided to do this to try and broaden readership and get it a … Continue reading

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