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Preview Series – Scott Foust, (Idea Fire Company et. al.), Mattin, Jesse Richards, William Bennett, Billy Bao

When You Cut Into The Present, The Future Leaks Out “…and then the walls fell away blowing a hole in his consciousness’ coma, leaving him in what was his room on his what was his chair, now levitating above images … Continue reading

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Miklós Jancsó – 27 September 1921- 31 January 2014

Having been looking closely at the work of Tarr recently (see earlier post), I came across a recent obit at the New York Times for fellow Hungarian filmmaker (and a great influence on Tarr himself) Miklós Jancsó. I was watching … Continue reading

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“Hynningen” – Werner Nekes

Shifting gears from the madness of Richard Foreman in the last post, Werner Nekes’ Hynningen is a short, meditative film exploring light, texture, space and memory via landscape. Light Cone notes, “He started his practice of film with 8mm and went … Continue reading

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“Strong Medicine” – Richard Foreman – Full-Length Film

Here is the entire film adaptation of Richard Foreman’s Strong Medicine. The New York Times review claims the film format, in contrast to seeing it in theater, depreciates the value of the work. I haven’t seen the play performed under … Continue reading

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The Incessant Deluge Of Cosmic Poverty, Comic Cruelty And A Bad Blow Job By Gabriel

Cows. The first image and a finely significant shot of melancholy and derision during Sátántangó,  Béla Tarr’s grimly humorous rural noirish, static tangle of duplicity and apocalypse. The structure of this masterpiece seems to mimic the corny repetition of the … Continue reading

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Lethal Mistakes Need Love Too

“Trafic” – Jaques Tati

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Kim Ki-duk’s MOEBIUS Finds A US Home

According to Twitch, “Moebius,” Kim Ki-duk’s 2013 film of twisted revenge and sexual violence has found U.S. distro. Check the link for the press release and stay tuned for an essay on his body of work. Kim Ki-duk, along with … Continue reading

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Certain Circuits presents Classwar Karaoke Guest edited by Robert L. Pepper and curated by Anthony Donovan

Thanks to JD Nelson for bringing these brain-drippers to my attention via fb. Certain Circuits presents Classwar Karaoke Guest edited by Robert L. Pepper and curated by Anthony Donovan. Showreel 2 comprises:  Tumei Tejas and Michael Durek ‘Sight of Loss’ Anthony Donovan and … Continue reading

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Geezer’s Woven Fixtures

by El Topo Sâsvári Farkasfalvi Tóthfalusi Tóth Endre Antal Mihály Hello everybody, this is El Topo here and I’m going to write about a few old films which, although ancient, dusty and full of cobwebs, are still worth your consideration. … Continue reading

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James DC’s “Atomic Bark” on Resonance FM with Pat Cadigan and John Shirley

Atomic Bark is an show on Resonance FM featuring subjects concerns aligned with those here at DYWWOS: science fiction, psychedelics, genre destruction (whatever medium it might be) and so on. It’s hosted by a feller goes by the name of … Continue reading

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