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Brief Descriptive Passage – Eric Basso, “Equus Caballus”

The Isolated Quirk, The Uncharted Island’s Blind Lighthouse, The Disembodied Excerpt With Telepathic Legs… …that transmit messages to invisible arms that pulls us up out from under ground. As readers, especially those of fiction, you occasionally run across a brief … Continue reading

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Never hit the edge of the sky like that before. I was out wandering around with a friend. We ran out of gas around the Mexican border somewhere in a national park and we decided to sleep on a concrete … Continue reading

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Finally, Good News?

Finally some good news has come my way. I have been advanced on my near-finished novel, so as DECAYKE goes, I’ll have to work around it as I finish the book’s ending and work with editors. It’s kind of a … Continue reading

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So Long Iain Banks, Gone Far Too Soon

Iain Banks, one of our finest contemporary writers, has died at the young age of 59 years. “Scottish writer Iain Banks, known both for his seminal Culture series and his work in more traditional literary fiction, has died at age … Continue reading

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John Shirley on Podcast at Ultraculture

In lieu of the Shirley interview I did back in late October yet being published, here’s a podcast at Ultraculture that is quite different from the questions I asked him in our rather lengthy (definitive) Q&A. That entire interview was … Continue reading

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Just a reminder that the new flood of material will be published after the new year and will include a mighty extensive interview with John Shirley, photography by Rob Nuuja,  Evil Moisture/Andy Bolus audio interview, 3D printing and bootlegs – … Continue reading

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James DC’s “Atomic Bark” on Resonance FM with Pat Cadigan and John Shirley

Atomic Bark is an show on Resonance FM featuring subjects concerns aligned with those here at DYWWOS: science fiction, psychedelics, genre destruction (whatever medium it might be) and so on. It’s hosted by a feller goes by the name of … Continue reading

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Interview with Bram Stoker Award-winning author John Shirley

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an interview with John at his site. My interview with Shirley will focus on broader sociopolitical and economic questions similar to the ones you’ll find at the link above, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Issue

There’s quite a bit in-store for the upcoming issue of DYWWOS, so much so that I’m not guaranteeing an arrival time for it. Hopefully it will be sometime around Christmas, but you know how this time of the year gets. … Continue reading

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Teeping With Rudy Rucker

If you’ve read Rudy Rucker’s work before, then you hardly need this introduction. If haven’t read any of his books, then you should. They’re alive. Whenever I finish one of his novels (or even many of his non-fiction pieces) I … Continue reading

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