John Shirley on Podcast at Ultraculture

In lieu of the Shirley interview I did back in late October yet being published, here’s a podcast at Ultraculture that is quite different from the questions I asked him in our rather lengthy (definitive) Q&A. That entire interview was supposed to be published and issued as a free teaser at Michael Moorcock’s New World’s webzine (along with some fiction beyond their pay wall) where I thought it might fetch more hits. Well, I’ve been watching the hits here at this site, this little blog here and I’m pretty impressed.I doubt I’ll be doing that again.

The second issue is just around the corner. I’m finishing the last interview with Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) at the moment. Andy was gracious enough to lend me some of his artwork so that I could make the first DECAYKE cover. It’s a perfect disaster of color and content. Here’s eye in your blood’s ghost! Anyway, after is finished it’s all posting, linking and a final roving eyeball across the text, then it’s done. I’ve already got several interviews lined up, so perhaps the third issue, which will not in any way be dependent on another site, will happen a lot more quickly. The goal is to get several issues together then start putting together the book of 2013 materials.

You editor/writer is completely healed from the emergency appendectomy and looks forward to probable spinal surgery in the coming months, where he will gladly sample drug pumps and other medical equipment again. Hopefully this time he will have better equipment to capture the sounds.

Speaking of sound, look for more audio interviews as being a part of DECAYKE. It only makes sense.

For whatever reason you may not see their Soundcloud widget, I’ve embedded it here as well. All credit goes to Ultraculture on the inaugural podcast. Great job!

The upside of how long this issue has been delayed is that it disjoints linear time. I can’t really bitch about that, especially since I’ve been flirting with the idea of simultaneity lately. So here’s a beautiful photograph to meditate on.

The Second Issue Is Imminent Yesterday

Decaying Clock Time Peels Away

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