Finally, Good News?

Finally some good news has come my way. I have been advanced on my near-finished novel, so as DECAYKE goes, I’ll have to work around it as I finish the book’s ending and work with editors. It’s kind of a shock to me. It’s a grim book, apocalyptic, grotesque, a massive hallucination (thank you Barry Hannah for “Yonder Stands Your Orphan” for inspiration) and a Boothian “Love Letter” to this world. As of now I am on my way to NYC. I plan on finishing my little comedy abroad if possible. Hopefully DECAYKE will grow stronger as a result of all this.

Oh yes. I have postponed the surgery to my spine in light of this new information. I vow to work hard to get the Ace Farren Ford interview up soon. I was having second thoughts about that procedure anyway because of the failure of master surgeon Dr. Krishnan of Dallas, Texas to repair my shoulder properly. Suffice it to say that I distrust the profit motive, especially when it comes to medicine.

I will say that there is one bright spot in the novel. It’s a biographical anecdote based on an insane and compulsive liar of an ex-girlfriend’s mother. This “woman,” who thinks it’s cool to heckle comedians and thinks there’s a villain stalking her every step (though one would be sadly desperate to do so) used to have a business of sorts in Indiana where she actually would picket businesses for hire. Yeah. You read that right. Though she had no vested interest in the business, though it had wronged her personally in no way, for a fee she would gladly stand outside on the road and willfully try to harm that business. Hilarious, really. Prostitution comes in many forms. I told Pat Cadigan about this woman, and though Pat told me that she wanted to write about her, I’ve taken it on myself to include her as a comic character in one of the more lurid scenes of the novel. She meets a rightful end. Nevertheless, it’s my sincere hope that Pat does create a story based on her as I’ve given her ample details about her character and behavior. I’m curious to see what she would cook up based on this lunatic.

The reason I bring it up is that it sets the tone, at least in one aspect, of my novel. The world has gone shit mad and it’s full of morons like her who can’t seem to understand even the most fundamental ethics. You can make this stuff up, but it’s so much more depressing and degrading to record it as reality in context a fictional [erm, burp] world careening into a Riddley Walkeresque atavism. Keep it unreal, and more soon.

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