Upcoming Issue

There’s quite a bit in-store for the upcoming issue of DYWWOS, so much so that I’m not guaranteeing an arrival time for it. Hopefully it will be sometime around Christmas, but you know how this time of the year gets. Parties, booze, drugs, family, all hastily braided together. Turkey legs launched across tables, suicidal contemplation, the discovery that you have one more year left in you. It’s all so great. It’s worth it to get up and move into the future moment by moment. Things are getting weirder and weirder. The ride is a trip and trip is as real as real gets. Fuck the seat belts.

One thing that might be advantageous for next issue is to read as much John Shirley as you can get your hands on. He’ll be one of the interviews and hopefully it will be an in-depth one, too. We’ll be focusing on three of his works: A Song Called Youth, In Exremis and Everything Is Broken. 

I’m convinced that A Song Called Youth is a great dystopian novel, full of prescience, an urgent call for awareness and action on par with many of the great dystopian works of writers like Burgess, Orwell and Huxley. Of course, Shirley brings his own preoccupations and idiosyncrasies, distinguishing himself from many writers who cover similar subject matter. While his works are freighted with anxiety, paranoia and fear, they’re not without a vision and hope for humanity’s future. They’re very human. This interview should go extremely well with my interview with Rudy Rucker (see below).

It’s also a good idea to check out some of his non-fiction in order to get a good feel for the issues that concern him. Click this link to find some of those works on his website.

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