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Preview Series – Scott Foust, (Idea Fire Company et. al.), Mattin, Jesse Richards, William Bennett, Billy Bao

When You Cut Into The Present, The Future Leaks Out “…and then the walls fell away blowing a hole in his consciousness’ coma, leaving him in what was his room on his what was his chair, now levitating above images … Continue reading

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Shaken Then Cut – I Don’t Think That’s How Bond Ordered Them

This is what happens to a post when things get shaken. Noted before that the earthquake in Italy served a greater purpose for me. Anytime things get shaken up and nobody is seriously injured, there’s a great case to make … Continue reading

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A Blorp’d Ninety-Foot Tall Jello Baby Drunk On Yoyler Dan’s Curiously Gluey Spider Milk – REDUX – Ace Farren Ford Speaks Plainly

Ace Farren Ford‘s impact on the Los Angeles music scene, and later on the world stage, will not be underestimated. Long known to his cohorts that were central to the orbit of Los Angeles Free Music Society, Ace has spread … Continue reading

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The Dead C On The Volume Of Images { Michael Morley and Bruce Russell expound on the confluence of unsettling imagery with music. }

My friends at Emerald Cocoon posted this link article/interview of Dead C at Facebook.  I just happened to catch it as I rarely use that site much anymore. I’m glad that I was visiting that day updating the DECAYKE page. … Continue reading

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The Ascent of Garbage

My life is totally colonized now by financial matters. The results? It kills the time to create, to continue to work on pieces of exceptional quality, content that you cannot find in other spaces. It’s sad. Face it: capitalism is … Continue reading

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Meanwhile Back At The Rabbit Hutch

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Murderfuck – Solutions for A New Digital Age

  Murderfuck – Solutions for A New Digital Age.

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Your Mind Is The Closest Thing To An Infinite Resource We Have

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James DC’s “Atomic Bark” on Resonance FM with Pat Cadigan and John Shirley

Atomic Bark is an show on Resonance FM featuring subjects concerns aligned with those here at DYWWOS: science fiction, psychedelics, genre destruction (whatever medium it might be) and so on. It’s hosted by a feller goes by the name of … Continue reading

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Mark Andrew Lunt – Letter To The Editor After The Sandy Hook Massacre

The following letter was sent into his local paper by writer and anti-musician Mark Andrew Lunt following the Sandy Hook massacre. You can see a selection of his poetry I featured in the first issue DYWWOS here. I struggled to … Continue reading

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