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“Ice Fields” – Eric Basso, From His Book of Poems, “Ghost Light”

Here at DECAYKE we’re tremendous admirers of Baltimore writer Eric Basso. You can read a short bio and an interview with him here and here, at Unlikely Stories. The following poem, just one of the many great ones he has … Continue reading

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The Incessant Deluge Of Cosmic Poverty, Comic Cruelty And A Bad Blow Job By Gabriel

Cows. The first image and a finely significant shot of melancholy and derision during Sátántangó,  Béla Tarr’s grimly humorous rural noirish, static tangle of duplicity and apocalypse. The structure of this masterpiece seems to mimic the corny repetition of the … Continue reading

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What Does Literature Know? » 3:AM Magazine

“While literature professors are hardly responsible for Rosenberg’s ignorance, we do share some responsibility for the confidence with which he expresses it. In particular, we have done a poor job of describing and defending the kind of knowledge literature can … Continue reading

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Shaken Then Cut – I Don’t Think That’s How Bond Ordered Them

This is what happens to a post when things get shaken. Noted before that the earthquake in Italy served a greater purpose for me. Anytime things get shaken up and nobody is seriously injured, there’s a great case to make … Continue reading

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The Perverted New Economy Epistolary by Mark Lunt

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Finally, Good News?

Finally some good news has come my way. I have been advanced on my near-finished novel, so as DECAYKE goes, I’ll have to work around it as I finish the book’s ending and work with editors. It’s kind of a … Continue reading

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So Long Iain Banks, Gone Far Too Soon

Iain Banks, one of our finest contemporary writers, has died at the young age of 59 years. “Scottish writer Iain Banks, known both for his seminal Culture series and his work in more traditional literary fiction, has died at age … Continue reading

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Decayke 2: Guts and Stuff, or Contents

This is the second official issue of newly appellated DECAYKE, come over from its afore, long-winded, name (name) ((name)) (((n-a-m-e))) that was thunk in a Ajax blizzard across Texas, dead of night, middle of the fifth season under the tenth … Continue reading

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Quick Thoughts on “The Weird” Anthology

I’m a fan of the antho called “The Weird.” In fact, I think it’s a wonderful collection of stories featuring an impressive array of authors. But here’s what I don’t like: trying to pass off such a disparate collection of … Continue reading

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