New Material By Decimus/Pat Murano

If you missed it, you can read the first ever interview with Pat Murano about Decimus right here at DECAYKE.  

Pat Murano, working as Decimus, continues to keep the inscrutable cosmic creep on his latest posts at SoundCloud, one of which is embedded below for your convenience. Maintaining form, he manages to vary his results while sustaining his idiosyncratic aesthetic bent within the framework of Decimus, one of the qualities that has distinguished Decimus over the last few years and made it successful.

Slinking around the usual dense cluster of whatsit sounds, these excerpts feature vocal choirs and snares echoing dark wave minimalism girding stuttered and stunted suggestions of electronic rhythmic pulses. нести́ поте́ри  and нести́ поте́ри excerpt 2 also introduce shimmering synthetic strings braided around early NY hip-hop influences. Clearly more [blatantly] synth driven than past work – perhaps even [dangerously close] to the point of “vaporous,” Murano still wrings his trademark eerie atmospheres consistent with his back catalog amid the present tinkering.

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