Mission and Requirements – Develop Your Own Speculative Theories, Spew Your Very Own Bullshit

*All Models Fail, but all models aren’t useless.”

If you’re interested in writing for DECAYKE and have insight into any of the content we typically cover here, please contact us at the email below with some links or samples of your work. Typically, we aren’t interested in jargon-saturated academic niche writing that has limited appeal for insecure “intellectuals” who don’t have it in them to stop plugging into superstar intellectual thinkers models’ and speculative theory (as opposed to scientific theory), which is more than welcome so long it’s contextually relevant. We prefer your own language, your sui generis lexicon, your expletives, your legit leftist views as long as they aren’t exclusive. Far too often latter day theory is exclusive, not inclusive, and when the left abandoned class as its MO for change opting instead for divisive genetalia, fragmentaton resulted and atomization of a then coalescing movement neutralized. We are looking for corageous voices. If you have any questions, query us at the email on this page.

We Are Interested In Your Work

If you would like your music, book, film, photography or artwork considered for a feature or write-up, contact us at the provided email for instructions on where to send your work. MP3’s will not be considered, but links to visual art will. While we do publish sporadic solitary content, we like to try and focus on issue publication, so depending on what our schedule looks like, your work may or may not be included in a proper issue. Issues themselves aren’t obliged to have any one particular theme.

If you are interested in submitting political or social essays, fiction or poetry, please do so at the email provided below. Give us around three weeks to review the material. If you do not hear from us in that amount of time we have decided it is probably not best suited for DECAYKE.


You can reach us at decayke AT gmail.com for any of the above queries. We are especially interested in scene specific reports at this time.

The Editor

The Editor

We are currently accepting submissions for our Spring Issue


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