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Next Issue of DECAYKE – Decline, Decay, Dilapidation and The New Age Underground Debunked

It looks as if the John Shirley interview I did for DECAYKE #2 (Rosemary Mader came up with a title for it, but I won’t reveal that yet) won’t be out until around April, so that means I’ll probably publish … Continue reading

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The New Issue Will Probably Be Out After The New Year

Yeah, the fucking holidays. They screw up everything. Say your thanks and get on with, okay? Anyway, the next issue of DYWWOS will suffer because of them. Won’t be out until after the new year. What else? Weather-wise, it’s horrible … Continue reading

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Interview with Bram Stoker Award-winning author John Shirley

At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an interview with John at his site. My interview with Shirley will focus on broader sociopolitical and economic questions similar to the ones you’ll find at the link above, … Continue reading

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Saving Face

As promised, between issues we told you there would be miscellaneous content provided for readers of DYWWOS. The following are a short series of Duckter Yezno’s self-portraits. While there are echoes of impressionism here, it was hardly intended to be … Continue reading

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Contexts For Naked Links

Thoughts And Conversations Following Lisa Carver’s NYT Piece On Yoko Ono I posted a link to Lisa Carver’s new article at New York Times today, but I didn’t reflect on it publicly. I thought I’d maybe let it sink in … Continue reading

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