Review – For Flowers by Joëlle Léandre / Mat Maneri / Christophe Marguet / Joel Ryan

By Kelly Burnette

Joëlle Léandre / Mat Maneri / Christophe Marguet / Joel Ryan - For Flowers

Joëlle Léandre / Mat Maneri / Christophe Marguet / Joel Ryan – For Flowers

In Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou’s stunning 1996 film Microcosmos, the viewer is transported into a sublime space-time continuum thanks to the precision and patience of the filmmaking. All of that exotic natural minutiae typically trampled underfoot bloomed and burst into life before our eyes. Leandre’s ensemble on For Flowers performs the same kind of magical microscopy, gracefully delineating the subtle colors and movements of her plucked double-bass flora with an amplified sensuality that can only be called seductive. Leandre, with more than 80 recordings to her credit, culled these tracks from two performances in France. It’s another impressive installment in a career earmarked as much for its diversity as for its virtuosity. Of note is the effectiveness of Ryan’s computer-generated mirrors, cleverly reintroducing live sound back as treatments, imbuing the landscapes with moving shadows and hyperbolic echoes. There is little music as picturesque and strangely narrative as Leandre and company conjure on For Flowers.

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