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The New Peculiars – Dance Music 2000

Continuing with posts themed around interviews and features (?) in the upcoming issue, I found a blog mention of The New Peculiars which, when you look closely, is a project of The Anti-Naturals Group, aka Idea Fire Company (Scott Foust, Karla … Continue reading

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Preview Series – Scott Foust, (Idea Fire Company et. al.), Mattin, Jesse Richards, William Bennett, Billy Bao

When You Cut Into The Present, The Future Leaks Out “…and then the walls fell away blowing a hole in his consciousness’ coma, leaving him in what was his room on his what was his chair, now levitating above images … Continue reading

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A Few Words On The Upcoming Complete Issue Of DECAYKE

I’ve rattled through several publishing strategies for DECAYKE, some of which I’ve discussed briefly here in the past. Well, after trial and error it seems that the most productive and practical way is to publish highlights – posts on artists … Continue reading

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