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Dror Feiler and the Eternal Return of the Irreal

This was first published at Perfect Sound Forever. Dror Feiler and the Eternal Return of the Irreal “As a new dimension and complement to the orderly dialectics of classical Marxism it uses the theory of complexity: a method of complications … Continue reading

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An Plastic-Surgical Guide For ‘Growing’ The Most Beautiful Labial Petals On Meatus

The Key For A Healthy, Blossoming Labial-T0-Meatus Graft Is Evil Moisture As Andy Bolus’ friend, Andrew Sharpley, told me, “Andy is not really a noise artist. He is what the french accurately call a ‘plasticien,’ meaning he makes real stuff … Continue reading

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Headcase’s Mauve Fruit Rivers of Maggots

The fruit vomiting womb made of sulci and gyri, adorned with jewels which, when crushed with the hammer of self-awareness, birth milky mauve rivers of maggots and Gods. We can share them with one another. The uncompressed and therefore much … Continue reading

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