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David Jackman on Progress

As informed as my work is by anarchist thought and ideals I can’t get past the idea that the only real progress takes place incrementally in science and tech. Everything else is just metaphysics or some form of spirituality, both … Continue reading

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O,M – The Depth of the Sky Like and Orgy of Frozen Light

From ’05, I think. Moving in all directions simultaneously. Obliterate time. From Cottage Industrial 3., V.A.

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Eggs, Eggs – Make Yourself (and some info for ya)

Well, due to a bounced check from my client and a nasty bulging disc, we’re running a little late, but who cares? We got our own time around here anyway. But just to keep you busy while we finish up … Continue reading

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Progress Update – First Flood

Just dropping in to let everyone know that the first flood (issue) is about a week or so away. Just to recap, we teep with Rudy Rucker, have a telepathic chat with Pat Murano of Kelippah Records (Decimus K-Salvatore, Key … Continue reading

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