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Industry And Family


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In The Room

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DECAYKE: Issue 2.5 with Dan Melchior, Metal Rouge and Emerald Cocoon, Twegen Tu and Ace Farren Ford

In keeping with trying to stay with the idea of webzine issues, I’m trying a little experiment here. The In-Betweenzine. DECAYKE ISSUE 2.5 1. The Wit Of Dan Melchior’s Spiral Staircase 2. Twegen Tu – A Look Back At An … Continue reading

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Decayke 2: Guts and Stuff, or Contents

This is the second official issue of newly appellated DECAYKE, come over from its afore, long-winded, name (name) ((name)) (((n-a-m-e))) that was thunk in a Ajax blizzard across Texas, dead of night, middle of the fifth season under the tenth … Continue reading

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Either Turn The Air-Raid Sirens Way Up Or OFF – News or Olds and a Free Decimus Download

Before I get into what is most likely uninteresting to the bulk of people who stumble on this webzine, I’d like to mention that DECIMUS has released a free-for-download LP-length trip into atomization at Mutant Sounds HERE. I haven’t had a chance … Continue reading

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New In Progress A & Z Sound

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O,M – The Depth of the Sky Like and Orgy of Frozen Light

From ’05, I think. Moving in all directions simultaneously. Obliterate time. From Cottage Industrial 3., V.A.

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Fiction Excerpt From Upcoming Novel – Kelly Burnette

Mama was right. I was still young and pretty when we talked about it. We were living in the little house by the Peacock’s farm, and my room looked out across that broken down peeling white fence. The sun woke … Continue reading

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