The New Peculiars – Dance Music 2000

Continuing with posts themed around interviews and features (?) in the upcoming issue, I found a blog mention of The New Peculiars which, when you look closely, is a project of The Anti-Naturals Group, aka Idea Fire Company (Scott Foust, Karla Borecky, Glorida Borecky, David Borecky) respectively. I’ve found myself listening to a lot of cold wave, dark wave, blah blah wave lately for whatever reason (curiosity and overlooked music I suppose), so when I ran across this relatively rare 7″ released in ’98 on the Tonschacht  imprint for download, I couldn’t resist posting a link to it here. The titular track pairs well with the underwhelming exploration of the Portion Control back catalog. Salut! Just click HERE to download and enjoy.

Anti-Naturals, Swill Radio, IFCO, Scott Foust & Co. etc.

The New Peculiars – Dance Music 2000

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