Mr. Ralf Wehowsky aka Charles Rogalli

RLW (Ralf Wehosky) continues to distinguish himself from the pack with his latest record (I think on Dirter, but don’t kill me if I got that wrong). Here’s the SoundCloud preview, guaranteed to induce thrills…or at least a [free] thrill. There’s so much hyperbole and superlative usage out there when it comes to describing music that I’ve come to appreciate the power of understatement, so please do enjoy this ear-braining, pineal gland pearlescent ooze of globule-drip inducing slice of concrete music. He really is – and has been – one of the best at his trade for decades.

There are usually pics paired with these SoundCloud embeds, but I can’t see them. Must be something I have added on to my browser, but if you would like to see the artwork then simply click on the top of the wave pattern, or thereabouts, and you’ll be guided by RLW’s voices to the appropriate destination. Or you can see it below.

Ralf Wehowsky on Dirter Records

RLW – Fall Seliger Geister Cover Art

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