Quicky Record Reviews

  • Blood StereoYour Snakelike King – Academic double-blind studies of homemade contact mics surgically attached to both the internal and external grape parts. Textures galore! Typical anti-riff-pro-ruffian wasteduct rush from BS, here with warped melodies and hook after hook after hook, some you could even call pretty. Pan records couldn’t resist pressing yet another Constance/Nyoukis recording. It’s not drone, but it’s a lot closer to it than was Prick Decay or Ready For The World. Listen to it when you drop whatever they’re calling LSD these days. Man, do I miss when that guy was making all that high-grade Venus syrup in that abandoned missile silo.
  • Helm – Cotton-maw sandstorm drones that may be relevant to this earth in the coming climate change apocalypse. Great sounds if you’re stuck inside on an icy day, like today in Georgia when the heat stopped and the humidity stuck to the drooping power lines. You can look out your window and dream of repetitive drift patterns. Kind of like that Head of David LP cover art for Dustbowl, only the sound here matches the picture there. Ironically, the album is called Impossible Symmetry. Seems quite possible to me, but then I talked to an ashtray for almost half a day once. Pfft…those artists and their hyperbole.
  • John Wiese – Love songs for dissipating smoke rings, exacerbated by the lack of smokers out there. Smoke rings are so lonely. Their cries are characterized by high-pitched electronic whines, and they only get sadder because, when the odds so stacked against them somehow turn in their favor and they find themselves in a room featuring a low-pitched electronic hum with one another, inevitably they disappear into a wall of alternating silence and bad wiring (fire hazard). Hence the yellowing color of sick they leave behind on your popcorn ceiling. That’s exactly what that color is. It’s lost love. The album on Pan is called Seven of Wands.
  • Nurse With Wound/Graham Bowers – Semi-highly-quasi-hyper-orchestrations of boredom, with loony pluvial chorus girl voices in full Doppler allure, lascivious love lasers set to stun. I think these guys are pulling my leg because they call the record Parade, and parades are almost always never nearly boring. What’s her name from Dixie Chicks cameos on fiddle and afterbirth, which she drags behind her on a train made of chiffon. Yes, the horns are laughing at you. Dirter Records wanted it that way, paranoiac.
  • Ilios – Atmospheric recording for people who get wet in casinos. Men get wet, too. It’s that bit of goo that comes out when excitement can’t…quite…be…contained. Can’t stop craps? Well Kenrimono (Pan) may be the record for you. Or it could be a record you keep in a kitchen cabinet as reminder not to gamble, just like that guy from The Days of Wine and Roses. Except his reminder was a bottle of liquor, which they just give away at casinos. How could you lose? This is actually highly amplified sounds of the process of various stages of necrotic spider bites, manipulated and composed with precision.


I join words and break notes.
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