DECAYKE: Issue 2.5 with Dan Melchior, Metal Rouge and Emerald Cocoon, Twegen Tu and Ace Farren Ford

In keeping with trying to stay with the idea of webzine issues, I’m trying a little experiment here. The In-Betweenzine.


1. The Wit Of Dan Melchior’s Spiral Staircase

2. Twegen Tu – A Look Back At An Overlooked Release

3. A Blorp’d Ninety-Foot Tall Jello Baby Drunk On Yoyler Dan’s Curiously Gluey Spider Milk – REDUX – Ace Farren Ford Speaks Plainly

4. Some Thoughts On Metal Rouge’s Latest LP “Soft Erase”

5. Together In The Darkness – Emerald Cocoon’s Alone/Together Series

6. Meanwhile Back At The Rabbit Hutch

7. The Decline Of Capitalism – Photography by Mark Lunt

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