Twegen Tu – The Burst Flayed To Risk

Back in 2003, me and a guy from Birmingham, AL, Shawn Moore, decided to do a little long-distance recording project. For the most part I thought it was pretty good, but over the years and in the process of moving around, I lost any copies I had of our eponymous CD that I pressed on my own micro-label, Disposable Thumb Recordings. Hell, there was a only tiny run of them anyway, but for the few people who did pay attention, like Eddie Flowers of Crawlspace and Gizmos note (as well as several others), it was fairly well received. Shawn and I had a falling out but that doesn’t make me any less proud of the work we did.

Shawn was primarily responsible for the guitars and most of the vocals while I handled the electronics, drum programming, keys and production. This track – with its unfortunately pretentious title, “The Burst Flayed To Risk” – is bereft of any vocals. As I recall, I think there were six or seven tracks which comprised the entire debut and better ones, I believe, than this track. Still, this is a fairly good representation of what we were aiming for. It’s somewhat regrettable that we couldn’t do any more recording, but as the guy who’s beating his wife in “Barfly” sagely puts it, “That’s just the nature of the way things woiks.”

Here’s a YouTube clip of the song, followed by a review from Broken Face.

“Twegen Tu is a mysterious duo from the southeastern part of the United States, and whatever that equivocates in your mind is at least partially so on this release, only trumped up having restlessly scaled pine bark to the rafters of art. What you’ll get here are watery recordings of guitars cranked up, guitars trying to crank up, tapes and manipulations, found sounds and vocals, vocals found inside the vocalist that don’t belong to him, scarce piano talk and a vast expanse of other idioms heretofore only grunted out at the pyre. As Mats Gustafsson of Broken Face adeptly pens, it’s somewhere between a Celebrate Psi Phenomenon noise outfit and the inspired organic movements of Steven R. Smith.”

This Floridian duo might not have refined their perplexing sonic formula to perfection just yet, and that makes their debut EP that much more impressive, because this is already some pretty great stuff. The most striking moments occur when two seemingly different tracks are layered on top of one another. In the foreground you’ll find a shower of electronics and feedback infused noise, but if you listen closely you’ll also discover a delicate, meandering guitar melody making its voice heard in a much less aggressive way. Imagine what it could sound like if some New Zealand noise combo on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon were to team up with Steven R. Smith for a recording session and you’re not too far off. At other times the cascading feedback explodes right before your eyes, which leaves the lonely guitar with the disorienting task to find its way out of the smoldering fumes. The last two tracks slow things down considerably with empty space piano and subtle use of electronics. One could argue that this metamorphosis makes the record too diverse, somehow missing a unifying link, but for me it’s actually the other way around. After a heavy storm comes a lull and you’d never appreciate the summers to the same degree if it weren’t for the winters. -Mats Gustafsson, Broken Face #18


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