Kim Ki-duk’s MOEBIUS Finds A US Home

According to Twitch, “Moebius,” Kim Ki-duk’s 2013 film of twisted revenge and sexual violence has found U.S. distro. Check the link for the press release and stay tuned for an essay on his body of work. Kim Ki-duk, along with Ulrich Seidl, is one of contemporary film’s most unflinching directors. Forget Lars von Trier‘s tiresome, dictatorial pretense. Both Kim Ki-duk and Seidl capture and sustain an unforgiving, blistering take on humanity as it presents itself today, without any sentiment or empty hope, while maintaining just enough empathy to convey the restless humanity at the heart of our boredom, cruelty and disgust.

2013 - Moebius (Poster)-thumb-300xauto-41759

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