DECAYKE Goes To Naples, Italy

I’ve booked an open-ended flight to Naples, Italy next month. I figure it will be advantageous to finish my book overseas. Nothing beats traveling to open the gates of creativity, and with my current narrative relying heavily on change, hallucination and metamorphosis, it’s only fitting that I be in motion as I write it.

The reason I post this is that it may help me to further engage here at DECAYKE. I have no idea where I will go when I touch down, or whether I will primarily stay in Naples, but I’m hoping that there will be a few live gigs that will catalyze some new thought about music and art. No doubt I’ll be journaling as I write because words serve as my photographs, but I do have several essays in their infancy that should be served well by getting back out into the world with fresh eyes. And despite what others may say, nothing beats traveling alone. You’re free to go anywhere at anytime and do whatever you want, when you want to.

Awhile back I wrote that I was going to take a further look at Metal Rouge‘s latest LP after I wrote about four takeaways, some initial impressions I had about that great record. Well, to be honest, I haven’t gotten around to doing that track-by-track review. Suffice it to say that it’s a great record by a band who, in their restless exploration, are never content with sitting still. I really love that record and wholly recommend it to any reader of this zine. While I did read somewhere that what they are doing “has been done before,” I want to warn anyone away from that lazy approach to criticism. What on earth hasn’t been “done before?” Metal Rouge brings their unique perspective to all of their recordings. I also read – before I shut down the Facebook site – that Helga Fassonaki is soon to be putting out another Yek Koo LP. That’s always great news. It’s no secret that her Love Song For The Dead C was, along with the myriad Decimus LP’s, my favorite releases from 2012. I don’t do top ten lists, and frankly I don’t waste my time writing more fucking record reviews, but if you still haven’t checked out any of the above (and anything I’ve covered here) and you like the various artists (or related artist) covered here at DECAYKE, then check them out.

Getting back to traveling, I have to say that I find it almost necessary to get out of the States at the moment. With any luck I’ll discover a new perspective about this woeful country, but am keeping it in the back of my mind that I would love to move for good. The state of the States right now is extremely sad and often angering. While I’ve used anger as a stimulus in the past, I’m ready to move on from it. I can think of no better way to get that started than getting out of the good ol’ US of A and all of its flag-waving, imbecilic and confounding people.

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