Certain Circuits presents Classwar Karaoke Guest edited by Robert L. Pepper and curated by Anthony Donovan

Thanks to JD Nelson for bringing these brain-drippers to my attention via fb.

Certain Circuits presents Classwar Karaoke Guest edited by Robert L. Pepper and curated by Anthony Donovan.

Showreel 2 comprises:

  •  Tumei Tejas and Michael Durek ‘Sight of Loss’
  • Anthony Donovan and Bryan Lewis Saunders ‘Remaindermen’
  • Paddy Steer ‘Royal Beefeater Miniature Tea Caddy Electric Shaker’
  • Ross Ackerman ‘Moire Aka Man’
  • Melle Hammer and Jaap Blonk ‘Sapvezikilo’
  • Jo Pearson and John Hyatt ‘The Wind Sun and River King’
  • PAS ‘Electric Rain on Adam’s Bridge’

Cross-genre collaborative work through an international quarterly digital
format featuring poetics, experimental film, music, and new media. You’ll also find the very worthwhile first edition at the link above as well.

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