The Dead C On The Volume Of Images { Michael Morley and Bruce Russell expound on the confluence of unsettling imagery with music. }

My friends at Emerald Cocoon posted this link article/interview of Dead C at Facebook.  I just happened to catch it as I rarely use that site much anymore. I’m glad that I was visiting that day updating the DECAYKE page. No need to really preface this very much.

One thing that caught my eye was Michael Morley’s allusion to Reza Negarestani’s Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials (Anomaly), a very problematic text for me because I’m not terribly impressed by theoretical jargon, but the underlying ideas are brilliant. As I read it I oscillated between loving it and hating the surface of it, but again, the substance of the book is outstanding.

“I love Reza Negarestani’s approach to unraveling the intricacies of Western and Eastern approaches to reality, how both sides have consistently not been listening to the words, and have been infected by petroleum-induced demons and sand gods of antiquity that produce madness that exists for millennia. I don’t think music can help us comment about conflict better. It can only reflect and consider options and values.” – Michael Morley

Check out the entire piece at Impose Magazine.

Images chosen by Dead C. This from the Forced Exposure 7

Dead C, The – Mighty / Power / Peace Images

Dead C, Back Photo

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