David Jackman on Progress

As informed as my work is by anarchist thought and ideals I can’t get past the idea that the only real progress takes place incrementally in science and tech. Everything else is just metaphysics or some form of spirituality, both examples posing negative impossibility in terms of measurement. For example, if we were able to upload ourselves to become virtually immortal, some dude would probably just come by and turn off the mainframe. So it goes.

So this question of progress? I believe that there is incremental progress in science and technology. Anything else is…subjectivity. And there’s nothing wrong with that, not inherently, in so far as you find a way to make it work for you. There are a lot of words that get tossed around. Words like “transcendence,” “spirituality,”…many words which I shrink from, just as I shrink from the word revolution. But they serve a rather utilitarian, conversational purpose and since this ain’t no tight-ass academic, jargon-saturated circle jerk I say have at it. We got some great content coalescing from illuminated sources, so stay tuned. Damn, I feel like a fucking idiot repeating that, but there’s so much downtime between content floods I feel like I have to post something here.

“Change is inevitable. One’s beard keeps on growing. I do not think about development and progress in music, art or anything else. They seem to be phantoms, somewhat like those visions beloved of our religious fanatics, professional politicians and other deluded people, all of whom bother our world severely. How can I put it ? There is nothing which this music has to do and there is nowhere that it has to go.” – David Jackman

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