Jay Kinney on Anarchy Comics: The Complete Collection

Great page interviewing Jay Kinney about Anarchy Comix, which is now collected in its entirety in a very nice edition over at PM Press, a press which deserves your support. He also talks a little about the recently deceased Spain Rodriguez, whose historical strips were among my favorites.

“Considering that Spain was ten years my senior, he was simultaneously an older brother, a mentor, and, over time, my best friend. Still, there were periods over the last 43 years where we might only see each other twice a year, so our relationship was fluid, like many friendships.

Spain was a former biker, a visceral working-class Marxist, and an immensely talented artist. His drawing style could be called a mixture of Wally Wood and Chester Gould, but he made it utterly his own. He somehow managed to combine a penchant for drawing “hot babes” with a no-nonsense feminism that gave women their full due as autonomous, powerful beings. His instincts were always on the side of the underdog or the outcast, which I think sums up his underlying politics.”

Read more over at Imprint.
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