On Comments, Reviews and Other Stuff

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve disabled comments. The reason is simple. People are paid to spam comments sections on blogs for SEO link-building purposes and the number of quality comments versus those fake comments doesn’t justify me continuing having to delete all the spam. So I decided to disable them.

I’ve recently been saddled with the burden of finding “gainful” work after having been thoroughly fucked over by my last client. As a result, the time that I’ve been able to commit to proofing and finishing the next flood of articles has been impacted. Thing is, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill webzine articles. They’re multi-layered and a little more difficult fare than writing about bands and why a record sucks or doesn’t. Nothing against Pitchfork or any other music zine, but that’s pretty easy fixins and it’s also a big part of the reason I chose not to bother with reviews in the first place.

That said, if you do want to write reviews and you’re a good writer and you bring an interesting angle to the table, feel free to contact me at the FB page (linked to in the right column of the blog) and I’ll most definitely consider it. Myself, I’m not asking labels to send me freebies. Plus, I already know too many people in and around the noise scene, so there’s a conflict of interest from the get-go. I will occasionally write about records that I love (like the Eggs, Eggs stuff I’d mentioned before), but as for reviews, it’s a personal non-starter for me.

Of course, interviews are a totally different matter. The Evil Moisture audio interview is still on, though the chance that it will resemble any interview you’ve ever heard before is slim. And I’m also interested in Yek Koo. I think her Love Song For The Dead C was probably my favorite record of 2012. And Metal Rouge never seems to miss the mark.

That’s the update. And again, I’ll let you know when the John Shirley interview goes up over at the New Worlds.

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