Mark Andrew Lunt – Letter To The Editor After The Sandy Hook Massacre

The following letter was sent into his local paper by writer and anti-musician Mark Andrew Lunt following the Sandy Hook massacre. You can see a selection of his poetry I featured in the first issue DYWWOS here. I struggled to find the right words. These, I think, voice my thoughts well.

Letter to the Editor

There are really no words to describe the massacre of the innocents in Newtown, CT. Anything one might utter quickly evaporates into a meaningless platitude. Perhaps our most noble possible responses would be weep, to remember, and to take action that would prevent such atrocities in the future. Sadly, I am not optimistic that anything will change as a result of the powerful gun lobby.

I do feel an ethical compulsion to address the deaths of less favored children around the world, and to bind the grief of their ongoing deaths to the tragic scenes in Connecticut. While President Obama’s response was quite moving, he has – like his predecessor in the White House – developed an almost erotic fascination with the use of drones (that might include the weapon and his staff). How many times have these unmanned weapons killed children in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Sudan? Do we weep for these children? Of course we don’t – these children of a lesser God.

These actions are compounded by continued US support for the apartheid state of Israel – not an ally of the US people – but of the national security apparatus which still seems to be dictated by the war criminal, Henry Kissinger.

Each time a child is murdered – and let us not flee from that word “murdered” – it is wrong. It is wrong no matter who administers the coup-de-grace. Israel routinely kills and starves Palestinian children, but where is the grief and anger in our country? Our tax dollars support these murders, as do US weapons, and unrelenting diplomatic cover for Israel by the US no matter what the atrocity.

Significantly, the US is one of only two countries – the other being Somalia – that has refused to ratify the UN Convention On the Rights of the Child. This is a disgrace. We no longer adhere to the Jeffersonian notion and concern about “foreign entanglements”,and  today we are entangled in wars that span the globe, in conflicts which children die with horrific regularity.

Where does it end? Or rather, will it ever end? And how long before the radical clerics of christian fundamentalism start attributing this horror to homosexuality? Why would 6-7 year old children be murdered for something of which they knew nothing?


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