Dandy Dust – It’s Been Nearly 15 Years Since

Dandy Dust

Screen Grab From The Film Dandy Dust

Dust, a cyborg of fluid gender, crash lands on the hermaphroditic planet 3075 and becomes a member of its electro-orgiastic structure. Strange creatures start to haunt -h-: supermother Cyniborg, obsessed with reproducing a corroded clan, father Sir Sidore, a repressed 18th century aristocrat, the mysterious Twins Mao& Lisa, who turn out to be scientists of parthenogenesis & a dusty mummy. In order to ward off the zombie-family, Dust is forced to re-member=go back in time – crossing organic cyberspaces – to collect the lost selves. But the desire to become one has dangers of megalomaniac multitude!!! – Hans Scheirl


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