A Word On Scheduling At The Weird Word Orb Spurts

The basic way I’m planning on issuing new content is in ‘floods.’ In other words, I’ll wait until I get a bundle of content then publish it all at once. During the interim between these main floods, there will be supplemental content published periodically to maintain an influx of fresh material. Who knows what it will consist of? I don’t.

Duckter Yezno's Weird Word Orb Spurts

For the Weird Word Orb Spurts flood, I’m aiming at sometime around Halloween, maybe a bit before, maybe a bit later. For that first issue, we have, as announced a talk with Pat Murano, an interview with Nick Mitchell, an interview with Rudy Rucker about his new transreal apocalyptic sci-fi novel about Turing & Burroughs and several other surprises, too.

I’m also working on scheduling the second flood for sometime in late November. But there should always been something of interest winding its way through the WWOS. Stay in tune.



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